Cyber -bullying

A major issue we have in society, due to technology is Cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is something that is taken places everyday of the week, twenty fours hours, non- stop around the world. Many youths are victims of this insane bullying over the internet.Cyber-bullying has no age-limit, but adolescents and older teens are the ones who experience this the most.

Cyber-bullying is when a person uses social sites, emails, texts, chat rooms through cellphones, tablets, computers to harass, belittled, bully, degraded. Some are taking cyber-bullying as far as exposing embarrassing or sexual pictures.

The sad thing about cyber-bulling is the victims often are committing suicide, develop a low self-esteem, use drugs and alcohol, some drop out of school, or even change schools because the bullying gets so out of control. This experience can traumatize a child and cause them to shut down from others and often go into a state of depression.

Often times the cyber-bullying goes unnoticed because the victims are afraid to say anything to authority’s, or adults, because they often fear for they life. Many do not know how far the bullying will go, does it go farther than on-line. There are some adolescents who did speak up and tell a trusted adult, parent, teacher, principal, authority’s, etc and actions are taking. Harassment is a serious offense and lead a person to do jail time.

There really are no ways to prevent cyber bullying from occurring, it just something that happens, There are many signs you could be on the look for such as always seeming down or unhappy, low self-esteem, skipping school, low school grades, avoid school functions or activities, becomes upset after certain text messages, or emails.

Cyber bullying has truly affect society. Children who are being bullied are committing suicide, feeling depression, wanting to avoid school all together. This is something that needs to stop because it effects children and interfere with their education. No child deserves to go through this.